Monday, April 03, 2006

This Mexicali Is No Rose

Yes, another election year pandering session is in full swing. This time it's illegal immigration. Indeed,we have huge numbers of illegal immigrants in this country trying to better the situation for their families in an unbelievably impoverished nation. And yes, these people bring their families when and if they are able. How many of us in the same circumstance would not do the same?

There are a few things we might be wise to remember. The "terrorists" who hijacked the planes were in this country legally. They had the where-with-all to go through the legal channels necessary and expedite lack of notice. They didn't have to chance being picked up by the border patrol. Vast numbers are not crossing our borders with the Mexicans.

Also bear in mind we've grown our own. Remember Timothy McVeigh? Ted Kasinski? Not Hispanics.

The seven year term of Vincente Fox as President of Mexico is coming to an end. He is a lame duck. Over those seven years why has our government not taken him to task for human rights violations and the deplorable economic conditions under which his country struggles? Why have we not threatened Mexico with sanctions unless they made real efforts at stemming the tide of those leaving? Wouldn't be because they our one of our major trading partners would it?

Having lived in both Southern California and Texas for a time I am well aware that the majority of these people are, in fact, good hard workers. Sure there is an undesirable element. We have our own home growns in this category too. Remember the Watts riots? They weren't Hispanics.

Yes, they should have to learn to both read and write English. Yes, there should be a way for them to come to this country legally. But to treat them as "criminals"; to say that "criminal" activity should not be rewarded seems to possibly be exaggerating the reality.

Criminal activity that needs to be dealt with might better be aimed at a government that sanctions the publication of a comic book providing tips and instructions on how to commit an "illegality" without getting caught. Some friend.


Milt said...

Entering the United States with out proper documents is illegal. If you steal a loaf of bread to feed your family you are subject to punishment, I see no difference. If these illegals spent the same effort at home they could change their country to rival or surpass the U.S.

stebbijo said...

I am with Milt.

MIGUEL said...

is a 6 year term