Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Better Late Than Never

Thank you Spokesman Review/Cartoonist Michael Ramirez for letting me start my day with a huge belly laugh. They tell me its good for one's health!

It brought to mind the hoo haw that Andrea Thompson, formerly a CNN Headline News anchor and even before, a star on NYPD Blue, went through when she joined the network.

I remember when she left NYPD Blue to try her hand at broadcast news in Albuquerque, N.M. She also left behind a seven figure salary and a starring role in one of television's most popular shows. I thought, wow. That's really neat. To give up all that to follow a dream, an ambition, a desire to actually contribute. There's a Hollywood ego that might just be under control.

Then the big time beckoned. Oh the weeping and wailing - she had early career indiscretions, she had no formal journalistic experience, people who had degrees and oodles of experience didn't get breaks like that and on and on. Anchors are newsreaders; come on. The treatment seemed to me a bit over the top. Sour grapes. She was a far bit better than some of the local up and comers who may have similar aspirations and my guess is they do have those degrees.

Back to the point. Maybe, just maybe this morning's cartoon is vindication of sorts. That's pretty highfalutin company. I wonder how well Katie Couric could do in the role of Jill Kirkendall.

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