Friday, June 16, 2006

Mama MiMi!

Well, here it is Friday again. Time to end the week on a light note. Wonder Woman look-a-like Melody (MiMi Miyagi) Damayo is running for Governor of Nevada as a Republican. Wonder Woman's alter ego, Diana Prince, should be suing for defamation of character. Her fight against mad scientists and foreign agents should include ludicrous political wannabes! How about desecration of the flag? But you've got to admit, now that Karl Rove is free and clear, the Republicans can go full bore during the upcoming political silly season.

This is what politics is all about - choice! Not the dull and boring Idaho style where even tree stumps can get elected if they are labeled Republican.

Look who Nevada has. On the National level, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Democrat. Figures. His hometown is Searchlight. You need one to find it though the ticket givers will find you with no trouble. Homeland Security no doubt. We've often driven through, well within the speed limit, and wondered where among the Casino and the doublewides stands his home with the library full of books and fine furniture that served as set for an interview with George Stephanopolis awhile back! Maybe that's why Senator Reid looks so dour. Maybe it doesn't really exist. No matter. What he lacks is color! He can't begin to outdo the local pols.

Even fellow Dems have him beat. Just look at Oscar "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" Goodman, the mayor who's well on his way to putting the "sin" back in "sin city"! You want family oriented - go to Disneyland.

If we have to put up with these folks in office at least let us have some fun beforehand. Let us have Mardi Gras before re-electing Ray Nagin! Let's hear it for the Jesse Venturas and Kinky Friedmans.

What are we going to do with Butch Otter? I won't even get started on the duly departed locals that will no longer be fair game! Be informed; see what other states are doing - visit MiMi here.

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