Monday, June 12, 2006

Summer Time And The Living Is Easy

Instead of gifts these days we take trips to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, etc. This, as you know was my 65th and what a wonderful celebration it was. "Raven Travelling",the retrospective at the Vancouver Art Gallery, of 200 years of Haida art is spectacular. We normally don't do openings but had an invite to this one and the timing being perfect, decided to go. It was like old home week - seeing collectors, gallery folks and artists we hadn't seen in years.

The fine dining was a given. Dinner at Diva. I'll be walking that one off for awhile. But coffee and pastries at the Granville Island Public Market was a highlight. We love the early morning hustle and bustle as vendors set up; fresh baked goods fill the air with heady aromas, the coffee is fresh and the morning mist eerily seductive. The kids come to feed the pigeons. We watched the battle of two siblings trying to untie the plastic food bags. As older brothers are want to do, one kept the easily opened bag and left a frustrated younger brother with one knotted tight. My guy sent me to the rescue since I have a semblance of fingernails that work pretty well on knots. Soon the youngster had an arm perched with birds eating from his hand. His grin was my payment.

Border crossing was painless. Our guy was originally from Sandpoint; kindred spirits - no problem.

On to Woodinville for an afternoon of wine tasting at a myriad of new wineries that seem to pop up like dandelions. Some very good ones actually though you have to visit them to find their wines. One way to get you back I suppose - and there will be a whole new batch to visit next go round.

A slow meander on home. Great birthday. And so it goes. Said good bye to a former Doctor today as I move on to one who takes Medicare patients. I can resist AARP - but not Medicare. Ah yes. Time really isn't in a bottle - it just keeps marching on.

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