Friday, July 14, 2006

Blogger And Slobber

The annual homeowners meeting was at our place. I don't much care for those meetings. At least not in our neighborhood. They are most often contentious and the neighbors, whether its their true selves or not, oft time show their worst. Both of us couldn't vote anyway and Bacchus would have gone nuts trying to be the congenial official greeter!

So it was decided I'd take him out for a nice social evening. Called a Blogger buddy and off we went for a walk along the lake. That's the slightly reluctant Stebbijo hiding behind the shades. Didn't bother the slobbery guy at all. He loved her at first sight. When we got back to her place and hubby Bob came to say hello Stebbi bragged that ole Bacchus almost even listened to her. He sat and everything.

Actually the furry kid was pretty well behaved. Cyclists were ignored unless they stopped to pet him. I think he thought their bikes were another kind of dog - about his size anyway. When the weather gets cooler we'll have to venture forth more often. It was fun. But for now it's the weekend. The yard work awaits. Have a good one.


stebbijo said...

Oh Dogwalk! That is a great photo -- considering that I am trying to hold down the Rock of Gibraltar! Next time we will get Bacchus to smile! And to think I was once scared of dogs!

saz said...

Great pic of dog and friend!