Thursday, July 27, 2006

I'm Having A Ball - Not!

The temperatures have moderated to the point where I can sit in the office for a bit and peck out a post. I thought it might be time for an update on my physical therapy. It is an interesting journey and I must admit that after six sessions I'm noticing a bit of improvement.

The first session, however, was a bit misleading. We began with fifteen minutes of moist heat and dim lights. Then pleasant conversation with the ultrasound lady before the deep tissue massage. It was a bit uncomfortable but then that is why I was there. A couple of pretty simple exercises in the gym and home I went.

The next session began as nicely then came the man with hands like hams and oh wow. I felt like he was trying to break up a piece of frozen butter in a pile of mashed potatoes. He was very thorough in his explanation of what was happening even as he scraped me off the ceiling. A few more exercises and I limped out worse than when I arrived.

I was convinced any progress I thought I noted was wishful thinking. Again it was explained to me that I would be healing in layers, just as I had broken down. And that muscle healed more quickly than nerves. No argument there.

Session six. We added the Swiss ball. The creator of this cartoon has definitely been there. I'm not noted for my grace and agility in the first place and a rather pliant ball under my ample posterior is not a secure feeling. But I struggled mightily and managed.

Know what else I've learned? The massage guys don't recognize faces. My cheery good mornings are always returned but from HIM a pleasant smile and blank look. That's okay. He had only pummeled me five times. A comment to the gals at the desk generated lots of giggles. That's okay though. He's a very nice young man. And maybe he has a sensitivity beyond my own. The dignity factor you know.

The whole crew are a great bunch. I am feeling incrementally better but when it wanes I don't take it out on the staff - that's reserved for the BALL!


Mel said...

Well... massage guys don't massage faces *cough... hint hint*


Take care.


Bill McCrory said...

Physical therapists and chiropractors are masochists masquerading as healers. See, the trick is to make you hurt so much everywhere else except at your original injury so you have to feel better when they're done. At least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. My chiropractor doesn't like it when I tell that story.