Saturday, July 22, 2006

We're having A Heatwave!

Yesterday was the cool day. Only 100. Today is to be 102, tomorrow 104. This is northern Idaho for heavens sake. We moved here with a Saint Bernard partially because of a moderate climate.

Oh well, all that aside. My bud Colleen and I wanted to meet for lunch and decided to go early - but where? Some place where we could eat outside but all the restaurants in town that have outdoor dining are on the hot sidewalks. So we decided to head down the east side of the lake and find a new place called Eddy's somewhere on Arrow Point.

Sure enough it was. Right at the end of the drive that decends from the main road down into the resort. Only open for about three weeks, it has already been discovered. By the time we left the outdoor dining deck was full.

The menu was short but varied. The service needs a little polish but I'll attribute that to the learning curve. The bussers were great. The food was typical lunch fare, a tad pricey but good quantity. $2.00 for an ice tea? However, the temperature was at least fifteen degrees cooler than any place in town would have been and the views of the lake are wonderful. I'd go there again in a New York minute just for the location and the cool.


Phil said...

Thanks for this post... I never would've heard about this place otherwise (nobody tells me anything).

Definitely looks like a nice place for an afternoon driving destination.

saz said...

Well I thought we had the heat wave first (San Francisco Bay Area). Guess you beat us. Hope it's cooler by now - we just cooled down a smidge today.