Saturday, September 09, 2006

It's The Pit(t)s

Ah Hollywood, don't you love it. The moral arbiter of our society. First we have a single woman (Angelina Jolie), twice married, adopting two youngsters. Then a guy equally adept at marriage (Brad Pitt) comes along, fathers a third and co-adopts the first two. This is certainly a most creative family structure but I guess it didn't fly too well with their public. Now Mr. Pitt, according to the headlines , says he and Angelina won't wed until everyone can! Puh-leeeeeze! Like that makes it all okay? Because gays can't legally marry?

And of course there is the Cruise, Holmes fiasco. Rumors abound as to whether the child, finally shown in photos, is actually theirs. The reasons for their not marrying are also unexplained. Perhaps somewhere in the back of her mind Ms. Holmes realizes Mr. Cruise and the dictates of his religion might not be the best choice she could make.

I find myself wondering why these stories receive the screaming headlines that they do. The children are illegitimate. Pure and simple. These "stars" preach their own brand of morality to us and expect us to swallow it because they are who they are.

To me it shows a moral bankruptcy. Whether it be Mel Gibson spouting obscenities in a drunken rage or Paris Hilton claiming to have had only one Marguerita, or Tom Cruise lecturing Matt Lauer and belittling Brook Shields, they're given a pass that none of we mere mortals would ever get. Oh yeah, much was made of Gibson's comments and Cruise's, but in the end it was all their life's blood - publicity - and in too short a time all will be forgiven.

When that element of celebrity begins to behave as we're all expected to then perhaps their opinions may be worth considering. Until then they had best get a good writer who can produce a good script and listen to a good director. If they're smart enough to do so.


Phil said...

They may consider that bad publicity is better than no publicity, but for a moviegoer like me it really affects how I view these actors. I was never a big fan of either Cruise or Pitt, but I have to admit I enjoyed most of their movies. Cruise, in particular, always had a knack for picking exciting and well-made films like Minority Report, Jerry Maguire, and Mission: Impossible. But now his films have very little appeal to me because of how difficult it is to separate his characters from all the craziness of the past few years.

Both Cruise and Pitt should lay low for a year or two to salvage their careers.

Phil said...

Oh, and I completely forgot to comment on the morality of Hollywood. You're right, it's an "anything goes" attitude among the majority of the movers and shakers down there. The saddest thing is that they don't care because the world doesn't seem to care...

Word Tosser said...

Same old thing... if people really want to show how they feel about these people.... then don't buy their product. Movie, cd's and etc.
It is amazing that Mr. Cruise is great at totting his religion, yet, I never saw a religion that promoted non marriage.
Why anyone would give creedence to people who get way more than they are worth, for doing less than most people do for less time.. and feel they should know how our lives should be done. When they haven't live our live styles for so long, they don't know what it is like.

Anonymous said...

The Pits are entirely too excited about themselves...who really cares if they marry or not?!?

Mel said...

My immediate thought about that Brad Pitt crap was, "WHOOO does he think he IS??"

And that whole Cruise/Holmes thing is so incredibly absurd... All that smooching in front of the cameras, that stupid smile that barely fits on Holmes' face... It's all such an obvious cover-up for the fact that they had a one-night stand that ended up in pregnancy.

But oh, let's continue to worship them. They play characters in movies, they must know what the universe is all about. And let's not forget Paris Hilton! She's rich, she's sure to have bought the entire enciclopedia to the mysteries of life. All hail her as well!