Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sex Hex

The editorial in Tuesday's Spokesman Review describing the extent of sexual harassment between faculty and students at the university level was both disturbing and appalling.

It leads me to wonder if there is any safe haven this day and age. Young men are preyed upon by priests who are in turn protected by their superiors, law enforcement covers up for their own and now universities are sweeping such actions by faculty under the rug. Is there no end to it? No wonder our young have a confused sense of morality - if they have one at all.

We best beware in this ever shrinking world of ours lest the wrong foothold prevail. In the same paper a headline read "Deal reached on rape law change". Dateline: Islamabad, Pakistan. It outlines proposed changes that would make punishing rapists nearly impossible. A woman who claims to have been raped must provide four witnesses. It was proposed that requirement be dropped but stands instead since to do so would be un-Islamic.

A compromise was reached though just what is somewhat unclear. It explained the victim can now choose the four witness rule or prosecute under Pakistan's civil penal code. The kicker, however, is a woman who fails to prove she has been raped can be convicted of adultery which is punishable by death.

Four witnesses? Who might she invite?? Please! I've often commented on how little we understand other cultures and religions. This is a prime example of a disconnect between how we think versus how others think.

There is an interesting aspect to these very different solutions. On the Pakistani /Islamic side, as repugnant as it may be, the solution is quite succinct. We are the ones who are hypocritical. We give unmarried celebrities a pass, we sweep untidy sexual harassment under the rug yet cry foul when others violate the moral ground we supposedly have set for ourselves. Not to mention our laws!

Next thing you know we'll believe the war in Iraq really is tied to 9/11 and torture is allowed by the Geneva Convention. Just in time for elections.


gawilli said...

Not this girl.

Great post.

Annette said...

Makes my heart hurt.