Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Trophy Case

I caught this story about a Rocket Propelled Grenade Defense System developed in Israel on NBC Nightly News last evening. It's name is Trophy. Looks like a trophy case doesn't it? Here's how it works. It detects and destroys incoming RPGs in a 360 degree radius. The Army has tested it some 30 times and found it 98% accurate yet it will never be installed on U.S. Military vehicles.

Why? It seems the Military has a development deal with Raytheon Corporation to develop a similar system. Develop, mind you. $70,000,000 worth. This is the more "prudent" way to go in the best interests of our fighting men and women according to a colonel in the story. Asked when the Raytheon system would be ready for implementation he assured the reporter by 2011. 2011! We'll still be in Afghanistan and Iraq in 2011??

Sorry. I am outraged. The search engines are full of links to this information. Yet I could not find one newspaper that carried the story. Thank you NBC. I just have this old fashioned notion that reporting news like this is far more important than Katie Couric's "scoop" of pictures of the illegitimate child of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Remember too that this Pentagon is the one who didn't want to continue to fund research on brain damage with which so many of our soldiers are coming home. If they make it this far.
Unfortunately for them, it would seem those who control their fate are even more brain dead.

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