Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Better Way To Shoot Game

Red Mountain Pass between Silverton and Ouray, CO

Yellowstone National Park

Mammoth Hot Springs - Yellowstone

All through northern New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming - even in the unresricted areas of the parks, the hunters were out in droves. Pickup after pickup pulling trailers loaded with ATVs; the drivers all decked out in their macho camouflage with rifles with huge sites. What a "sport". But these magnificent fellows should all live to see another day. No hunter could follow the sheep and the bison and elk were in the park.

Better than a head on the wall any day.

P.S. We weren't in New England for those of you who read Huckleberries yesterday. Just our usual fall swing through the southwest and home through the parks.


Word Tosser said...

Great pictures.... and the elk can relax for a while. The season ended up here in the northern end. Next is deer...
I find shooting with the camera more fun and less expensive. lol

stebbijo said...

We were thinking just the same thing. But, I need to get a bigger and better camera for the hunt!