Friday, October 13, 2006


Whew! That made me feel better. Now, here is the official definition:
oxymoron - n : conjoining contradictory terms (as in `deafening silence') - WordNet ® 2.0, © 2003 Princeton University.

The following are a bit skewed from the pure definition but close enough for the sake of example. How about "Criminal Justice"? The presiding judge and the prosecutor for the Joseph Duncan murder case are holding out for the death penalty rather than a plea deal that would put Duncan behind bars for life. No parole. No costly trial in a County screaming for money for things like schools. Experts have spoken out against it as well as a fair number of the community. What we need to remember is both are elected officials. One has ambitions for fame and glory I would bet plus a way to divert attention from his own brush with ethical behavior. Both I am sure would like to be re-elected. Justice? Maybe if they win. Criminal? What they will do to the psyche of the sole survivor and her father. This should be an issue of law; not emotion and certainly not revenge.

Shall we move on to the "Christian Right"? The following, all advocates of the Right, stated in their particular venues earlier in the week that the Congressional Pages were at fault for Representative Foley's e-mails. These teenagers got together and concocted this as the way to bring down the Republican Party. Dan Henniger, Drudge, Michael Savage and James Dobson. Christian? Maybe. Right? Judge for yourself if you can stop laughing at the premise.

I can't even think of a term to fit our commissioners as they pass the days in whatever haze surrounds them. Why else would they not fund the headquarters for the press for the above trial? Why else are they bickering over the hire of a planning director. No, Mr. Johnson. It isn't going to be you!

We should all take a good hard look at our Amish and Mennonite neighbors and learn from them what true compassionate conservatism is! They don't dress like we do, they choose not to envelope themselves with every bit of materialism available. What they do have is the ability to reason and forgive. How great is that?

~~~~~~That's it for awhile. See you in a week or so. Going off to clear my head and refresh my attitude!~~~~~~


Thailand Gal said...

Agree with you completely regarding Duncan. As one who opposes the death penalty, I can't imagine why the prosecutors are holding out when putting him in prison and keeping him there is certainly sufficient. Instead of focusing on revenge, we just need to focus on protecting the children.

And, please, no one... I mean *no one*, write to me and tell me how much it "costs" to keep someone in prison for life. That argument is so offensive that it makes me want to heave!

Dogwalk Musings, have a wonderful, restorative week. I'll look forward to reading your posts when you return.

Thailand Gal


stebbijo said...

You have a great reprieve from this area. I am so envious! Will look forward to your posts when you return unless of course you go wireless and need to get a fix at a hot spot!

Betty said...

Have a great trip. We'll watch for your return.

Word Tosser said...

Are you peeking? Are looking in to see? Well, then You will be glad to hear there is something in the words for tomorrow morning on the Duncan case. We have our fingers crossed that they do the right thing.

Word Tosser said...

that is suppose to be works...not words

Annette said...

I give up on my blog. It has been one thing after another. If you are interested I have a journal on AOL. Thank you for being a steady noter.