Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My husband and I have a tradition. Each year we trade meal preparation for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday. This year it is my turn to do Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow I'll be in full swing. I try to get as much done in advance as possible so that I'm not thoroughly exhausted by the time we sit down to dine. We say it isn't a competition but really it is. Who is the most creative and who gets it to come together the best. We've had some spectacular meals and some wondrous flops. And always a great time.

It has been quite a year. We have much to be thankful for though at times it hasn't seemed like it. So I'm going off for the next few days and cocoon with my snug little family. One great guy, one big dog - and the fish. Can't forget those silly fish!

Thanks to all of you who have given me the privilege of being a part of your life. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Many blessings to you. :)

~Chani (Thailand Gal)

stebbijo said...

Okay - provide us with the specifis. I want to know what the menu is AND I want a photo of the centerpeice!

My husband is going to smoke/barbeque the turkey. I am doing up a praline caramel cheesecake (pumpkin does not set well with my other half.) Going to stay with simple - stir fried fresh green beans and homemade rolls with - of course the dresssing and mashed spuds with gravy. That's plenty for us.

Anonymous said...
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Mel said...

i honestly forget all the time just what day thanksgiving is xD but oh well, a happy one to you :)

jessica said...


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