Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sounds Of Silence

It was quiet this morning as Bacchus and I walked. The snow fell gently. There was no wind. It got me to thinking of one of my favorite songs - The Sounds of Silence.

Before we started out I had been struck by an item in the paper about the latest project of famed opera tenor Placido Domingo. He is pairing with the Vienna Philharmonic to raise the awareness of hearing loss and to offer the latest technology to those in need. Especially those in third world countries.

"Music is my emotional need. I therefore feel sad for anyone who cannot hear music," he told the A.P. So too was the case for another of my favorites, Beverly Sills. Her daughter had a hearing defect which would preclude her ever hearing her mother's wonderous voice.

Ah, music. From my local blogging friend who credits his love of music for retaining his sanity to my own need for the "oldies" while making housework pass, it gives life to one's soul. The deaf "hear" it through vibrations. Soon it will be wafting from every corner of the community - Christmas music. Real music with beautiful melodies and up-lifting lyrics.

It warms my heart to learn of projects like Domingo's and gives me hope. Rather that than a rapper vowing not to use the "n" word in his future performances; a lyric that is offensive to his own race yet has been used freely.

But a chance to hear real music, that which is produced by the Domingos and the Sills and the Vienna Philharmonics of the world. Now that is a gift worthy of the season.

"The Sound of Music" - may it live forever.


Betty said...

Hmmm. I wonder if I would enjoy the bass thumping coming from the boom box in the apartment above mine if I were deaf. Maybe not.

Word Tosser said...

Betty, you would still feel it... lol..
I saw Beverly Sills on the View the other week or so, when they were having each day, one of the gals best friends on. And she was on Friday as Barbara Walters' best friend. Sadly she never ever sings any more. Not even in the shower. That is so sad. She showed her 20 years ago singing... which made it sadder yet.
With out music, my life would be half of what it is today. It has made me happy, and got me thru the rough times. Even find myself humming Amazing Grace without realizing it until I am half way thru. Comes when I am under great pressure or stress.
At least we can hear in our hearts and minds music..even if we went deaf... but the poor soul who never ever gets to hear music.