Thursday, December 28, 2006

Remember, We Elected Them!

Whew! I had expected the week between Christmas and New Years to be slim pickings on the local news front, but boy! Newly elected officials haven't even taken office yet and they're proving already that they have utter contempt for those who elected them. And the ones leaving office are still playing the blame game and pouting as they head for the exit. If I didn't live here I'd be laughing. It's like an ongoing soap opera. Unfortunately, I do live here.

First we have the flap over our Governor elect Otter's oath of office that the AP broke. He is refusing to allow the public or media to attend his swearing in ceremony which, by law, must be held the first Monday of January. New Years Day.

"It's not trying to be exclusive. It's not trying to rope anybody out," said Jon Hanian, a spokesman for Otter. "That's just the way he wants it and that's the way it's going to be."

I suppose allowing at least the Press to witness the official swearing in might make his Otterness late for the flight that will take him to Phoenix to watch Boise State play in the Fiesta Bowl. Of course football is far more important than the official assumption of office.

Red flag? You bet. If this is an indication of how the state is going to be run, watch for open meeting violations, a thumb of the nose to public tradition and questionable priorities.

Then there is the changing of the guard among our county commissioners. Ill will runs so deep here that the two commissioners who were defeated have refused the customary help to their replacements during the transition. A new commissioner is taking swipes at the remaining incumbent and none of them share the same priorities.

This should make for a smooth running county. But then, what's new?

Two commissioners are leaving office. Mr. Johnson is still licking his wounds and Ms. Brodie is taking the executive director's job with Concerned Businesses of North Idaho - an organization she was at odds with during her tenure as commissioner. This too should be interesting.

And last, but not necessarily least, our Prosecutor is smacking the knuckles of the Lake City Development Corporation for violation of open meeting laws. It will probably have as much effect as the hiatus with pay he has his deputy on for having circulated sexually explicit e-mails around various county offices.

If I had the time I'd try to script this and present it to our local access television station. It has to be better than city council meetings.


stebbijo said...

It's true - from the outside looking in Idaho is a joke. Having lived away for a time - it is interesting to see the view from a different angle. Idaho and the cohorts may think they are 'special' - but most folks know differently. Some folks have been 'ccoped' up for so long they can't think ouside of the box OR they live in the box.

stebbijo said...

Gad - I need to learn to preview so I don't mess up a good comment.

'ccoped' = cooped

Bill McCrory said...

We could call the Coeur d'Alene and Kootenai County soap opera "As the Slime Oozes." I don't see Mayor Sandi dressing as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark and emceeing, though. In fact, I don't even wanna see that picture in my mind or anywhere else. Then again, PhotoShopping Mayor Sandi's head on Elivira's body...

stebbijo said...

OMG - Bill that is just too funny. Too bad I am on my lunch break with no photoshop tools! (But later -- I will have them. ;-)

PinkAcorn said...

Unfortunately, ha ha , it is a soap opera. Can't wait for the next scene.