Tuesday, January 09, 2007

All Sides Now!

Molly Ivins picked up on a theme that I've been harping about for what seems forever. The first sentence in her column reads, "The President of the United States does not have the sense God gave a duck - so it's up to us."

Her topic of course was the war and how we need to stop it now. I've been putting the onus on ourselves, the citizenry, to take the lead in just about everything political. We elect the officials; it is our right to hold their feet to the fire.

There has been much said about increased oversight. Congressional oversight to scrutinize policy and spending gone astray. Hooray. If this congress actually does it there may be some hope of ending this nightmare. But I think it may just be politics and grandstanding.

I'm beginning to get the idea we are getting what we deserve. The press and the citizens have been hunting heads to lop over police scandals in the Spokane area. Then a top cop, Sheriff Ozzie Knezovic, gets it right. He fires a detective for exposing himself to a barista at a coffee stand. But in it's infinite wisdom, the Civil Service Commission (read oversight) determined a detective can't be fired solely for exposing himself at a coffee stand.

The article in the Spokesman Review goes on to tell us he will be on unpaid leave, allowing him to look for other law enforcement employment.
The ruling will not effect his retirement benefits and he will receive pay for unused sick days and vacation.

Sounds like some of our former Congressmen who are receiving benefits even as they sit in prison cells. "Duke" Cunningham and Jim Traficant to name two.

As usual it wasn't the detective's fault. The young lady had dressed provocatively and led him on. Well, Ms. Ivins, ducks have more brains than this guy and the commission put together!

Oh, and I mustn't forget. The poor detective had a "troubled" childhood. He was quoted as saying, "During times of stress certain incidents from my youth begin to manifest themselves causing impulsive decisions." Next we'll probably read he's entering rehab. No wonder I have such a difficult time with things. I actually had a very happy childhood with a family who loved me and I them. Talk about being screwed up!

So much for a bright new year. It's just business as usual at all levels. It's a shame. I rather enjoy watching ducks around a pond or lake or in a barn yard. But when they morph into human form it would seem we get nothing but quacks!

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Betty said...

It's all well and good to point out the things that politicians, etc, do wrong, but there have to be consequences to their actions. Otherwise, they will never take seriously any criticism of their actions.