Friday, February 09, 2007

"Boob" Tube

We wonder why the rest of the world questions our claims of cultural superiority. Try the latest news cycle for starters. Last week's ridicule of a troubled astronaut was bad enough. Now this.

It began yesterday with the breaking news that Anna Nicole Smith had died. MSNBC had non-stop coverage as did CNN. The early rounds of Tucker Carlson and Chris Matthews were pre-empted. Larry King devoted his show to it. So did Anderson Cooper. So did Joe Scarborough.

For what? A woman who abused drugs, decency and morality. Actually she wasn't even that attractive if you could tear your eyes away from her ample bosom long enough to study her face. The brains were anything but ample. Three men are now claiming to be the father of her child. Even her claim to be the mother is now in doubt. Wow. What a role model for young women lusting for celebrity.

The media swarmed to a news conference that wasn't. They filled time questioning passers-by if they had seen her arrive and if she appeared dead. They couldn't let it go when it was said she was covered. Read dead on arrival. I have no idea when they gave up that particular vigil. The off button on our remote does work.

They've surrounded the coroner's office today waiting for any bit of fodder to be tossed their way. The CDA Press devoted two and a half columns to it on page two this morning. The Spokesman gave it a quarter page on page three. How much space was given to Molly Ivins?

I'm sorry a 39 year old woman has died. But for this woman's death to be given this degree of hype is ludicrous and the 24/7 news channels and the press to exacerbate it is nothing short of disgusting.

Britney, Paris and Lindsay must be green with envy. It wouldn't surprise me to see them fake their own demise just to see if they would get greater play. Checking into rehab might now be passe.


stebbijo said...

This whole drama is just ugly. But, one thing that comes to mind is - just how much was Anna Nicole Smith worth - dead?

tumblewords said...

Amazing, isn't it? I'm glad the off button works on my TV.

Betty said...

It certainly is disgusting. Of course, it's all about the money, isn't it? Her baby stands to inherit millions if the courts uphold Anna Nicole's claim on her late husband's estate. No wonder so many worthless men are coming forward and claiming to be the father. What on earth will become of her?