Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Snow Daze

Driving was much like the illustration this morning. We awoke to a half inch of fresh snow. By the time I took Bacchus for his walk there was maybe an inch and a half. The last few days when this happened it had disappeared with warming temperatures before I had to venture forth.

Not so this morning. It kept coming down. The wind came up. The birds started knocking on my window wanting food. They're lazy these days. Don't want to have to dig through the white stuff. I filled their feeders. I did my physical therapy - ever faithful to the cause. Still the snow fell.

Ten o'clock came. I had to go to my nexp P.T. session. Take the van says hubby. Oh how I miss my Expedition! I crept out of the driveway, well aware that even though it has new snow tires, there was no weight in the rear end. Out to 95. It was worse than our road. Oh the impatience of those behind me but no plow or sander had been through and the hard pack was slick.

I tiptoed gingerly through the parking lot. "A little tense this morning?" My therapy guy asked.

"A tad," I agreed. "What gave me away other than the obvious - like the weather?"

"You're right leg is a full half inch shorter than your left. Tension you know." Like what contributed to my being there in the first place!

"That fast?" I had been evened up after Monday's session.

"That fast."

Well, I'm all evened out once again and have a new exercise to add to the regimen. Oooo, it hurt today but that deep internal itch which indicates nerve function and blood flow remains in tact so I guess I can survive driving in the snow one more time. Please. Enough!

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tumblewords said...

Thanks, Mari, for your comment on Written at my blog.

I, for one, think that when one has to start worrying about mind, the body should move into nirvana state. Too much to handle body and mind, both, at once! Grin.

Get well! Spring's coming.