Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Pair to Draw To

I was thinking about Anna Nicole Smith today. The autopsy report has been released revealing an empty end to an empty life. How different might it have been for her or it could be for a Britney Spears or any other of today's icons of over indulgence, if any of these women had someone in their life who really loved them. Loved them, for themselves, not for elusive beauty or wealth.

I thought about former ABC news anchor Bob Woodruff and his brush with death in Iraq. What a lucky man to have the wife he does. They are a pair, a team and together they brought about his remarkable recovery. And too, I thought again about John and Elizabeth Edwards and how fortunate they are to have one another. They face an uphill battle but they won't have to face it alone. They are a pair, a team. The same can be said for White House Press Secretary Tony Snow. Good and decent people all with a purpose in life and support from those who truly love them. That love will sustain them - both the afflicted and the supporters of them. Life, worth living - and worth fighting for.

Ah, yes. Love and devotion. Those of us who have it and share it are the fortunate ones. No amount of beauty, fame nor wealth can replace it. May the children of those who have lacked these essentials have their fortunes reversed for this is where the real wealth of life exists.

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Word Tosser said...

Oh, how true that is... I know in the past, when the King and I were going thru rough times, it was us against the problems.. which made the road a lot better to travel. We have always said, as long as we have each other, we can beat anything. I feel so bad for those who don't.