Saturday, April 21, 2007

Four Davids and A Goliath

Yep. I'm the Goliath. A giant mass of female DNA filled with fears, insecurities, health issues and more contradictory traits than I care to list. And at the moment I have four Davids in my life; not trying to take me out with a well aimed rock to the head, but contributing greatly to my keeping my head together.

What a week it has been. It is a time, I think, when most of us have gratefully eased into the week end for some peace and perhaps some reflection about those who are important to us. Women talk about things like this with one another and often let one another know how much they're appreciated. Then I started thinking about the men and wondering how often we women let our men friends know how much they are appreciated.

David, my blogging mentor has encouraged me, given my rants and raves exposure I'd never have gotten on my own and in turn kept my ego healthy if insufferable. I try to keep it in check realizing that 20 or so hits a day isn't even a worthwhile drop in the bucket. But it keeps it fun and it keeps me involved.

David, my kennel guy, is one of the most genuinely good and decent men I've ever met. He has two passions I know of - dogs and his racing pigeons. And he has a spiritual side I feed on. Given the opportunity we've talked for hours and I've revealed a side of myself to him that no one else has ever see. To me he's a soul-mate.

David, my friend on the Oregon coast, too, is a remarkably giving man. He's smart and funny; we've shared troubles and triumphs. We've never met and likely never will but I can talk to him about anything and know that it doesn't fall on deaf ears and his responses are heartfelt.

David, my physical therapist; while the others are keeping my head, heart and soul in order, this David is working wonders on a a tired, aching old body. I'm going to miss him when our sessions are over. He talks of his boys and his wife with tremendous pride and affection. He talks of what he's doing to me and why and how it works. He understands my frustration when progress is slow and celebrates with me when we make a breakthrough.

Four remarkable men among many who have impacted my life. All named David. Some truly friends, some mere acquaintences - but all important. Thanks for being there guys. And if I ever forget to let you know how much you're appreciated, go ahead and sling that stone!

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Nic said...

I get the majority of traffic on my blog from Dave as well. You're right, comaritively speaking it isn't much. But it keeps things interesting.