Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fresh Faces In Local Politics - An Oxymoron?

Well, shake my booty! Three of Coeur d' Alene's city council members are contemplating running for re-election. It is reported one will be 64; one is 71. The age of the lady wasn't mentioned but I'm willing to wager she's eligible for social security. Collectively, they've served something in excess of 75 years!

Talk about career politicians! This trio makes the Robert Byrds of national politics look like pikers!

I'm not suggesting these public servants should not run. After all the community does re-elect them. I do, however, wonder if some fresh ideas that come with new blood might be good for the community. The potential candidates all seemed to indicate there are projects they'd like to see to conclusion. Gee. How much time does one need?

I know, I know. That isn't how it was meant, but it struck me funny. I wonder, though, when so few have their fingers stuck in as many pies as these three do, how much oversight is actually being done? It's a rocky road. Turnover of those holding power is healthy for any community.

There is an argument for fresh faces. I should think if the projects in progress are worthy, they will be completed no matter who sits on the council. The community is changing. It is growing like topsy. Those who are newer and would like to become involved should be encouraged to run for office and bring their ideas with them. They should also be given a fair, unbiased hearing.

Consider Senator Obama, as an example; there comes a time when it's prudent to look at turning the page. Whether we will or not depends on what is brought to the table; or how entrenched we are. We will live with the consequences either way.


Anonymous said...

Amen Sister...as the saying goes.

The problem: Anyone challenging the establishment here is libeled, slandered and villified...just ask Mary Souza.

Having been a victim of blog nastiness and libel, I discovered that you can't fight the bully pulpit.

How many people would open themselves to that kind of treatment? Certainly not me,and I'm not particularly proud of that. But I would work my not inconsiderable posterior off for a candidate with the courage to stand up to the political bullies and the blog bullies.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Standing up to bullies is fine but knowledge of the city, its needs and ideas on how to achieve them are most important.

Too many try to enter into the political spectrum without such and the result is same-o, same-o.

Anonymous said...

Standing up to bullies is fine but knowledge of the city, its needs and ideas on how to achieve them are most important.

Absolutely, that goes without saying. But, again, how many qualified individuals want to endure the mud slinging? Perhaps I was obscure, didn't mean to be. I would only work for a qualified individual. Anybody who chooses to run, will automatically become a target. It takes real courage and "sticktoitiviness" to take on the entrenched infrastructure.