Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Parallel Worlds - A Reality Show

I have a friend in Tucson who is a writer. Her current novel making the rounds of publishers is about a visitor from a parallel world who is having difficulty adjusting to ours. It hasn't found a home yet on the pretext that it's too "quiet". I'd think in this day and age that might be welcome but then I know nothing about trends in publishing.

She is coming for a visit this summer. Perhaps she should bring potential publishers with her. In looking at our parallel world they might find the noise they're looking for. In fact it just may be more "disquieting" then quiet.

Where else will she find teen age boys wandering around town with pistols and rifles slung on hip and shoulder to educate us about our second amendment rights? Where else will she find the mayor of the town involved giving their actions a pass?

Where can a developer willing to step up to the plate with $10,000 to sponsor the 4th of July celebration get tarred and feathered for his generosity because he's a "developer"?

Where else will she find nearly a full page of coverage in the local paper decrying the explosion in the cat population with "Kitten Season" not yet at it's peak? And the fact the local megabucks man is opening his lake home for a Humane Society fund raising event when he could well build an entire facility for our unwanted and misplaced furry friends with his pocket change?

If that isn't enough she can always attend the upcoming lecture on UFO's and UFO abductions to be held at the Coeur d'Alene Inn or look into why the Post Falls police station has put up with a leaky roof for four years because no one would take responsibility.

Ozzy Osbourne, Paris Hilton and every other blurred "reality" show out there - step aside. You pale next to the Inland Empire - Kootenai County Edition. We don't even have to hire high paid writers. We have our local reporters - and all the rest of us.

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