Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bull! It IS Abuse!

This evening brings the big annual fund raising event for the Kootenai County Humane Society. I wish they were auctioning off Michael Vick and his cohorts to do with what you'd like. The accompanying photo gives me a few ideas.

Bulls, whether in the ring or on their way to certain death as in Pamplona, I find myself cheering for the bulls when they skewer a runner or a matador. Pit bulls. Oh, that they could turn on their trainers, screaming, "Enough! We're not going to take it anymore!"

As I walked my favorite fuzzy face this morning I found myself wondering about what type of people abuse women, children and animals. Why? What in one's psyche can possibly suggest that it is acceptable behavior?

I find myself judging people by how they feel about and treat animals. I was shocked when a friend told me that until the new director came to the Humane Society he was reluctant to have a collection box in his business. Why? An employee, who was a humane society volunteer, had told him the proceeds, when delivered, didn't always make it to where they were was supposed to go. Imagine. Stealing from animals. What type of people?

Now the Michael Vick episode. I cannot put into words how sickening the allegations are. If true, and I suspect they are, the law would not allow the punishment I'd dole out. The NFL is looking into it. That's forceful! It was reported that the league and the ASCPA are now working on a program to educate players about the proper treatment of animals. Excuse me? These are adult men, role models (ha) paid millions of dollars for their abilities. Learning the play book must take a modicum of intelligence. They need a special program to learn how to treat animals??

Ah, the morning papers. Another article reported that a boa constrictor and an alligator were stolen from a feed and pet store in a country town thats an aside to a somewhat larger town across the Washington/Idaho border. The owner was surprised the thief hadn't bothered with the much more valuable Bengal tiger! Bengal tiger in a rural Idaho feed store? For sale? Is that even legal?



Word Tosser said...

Great post, I thought you would do a good one ..on this
the pictures made me sick to my stomach...

Big O said...

We've come a long way from "Petey" on the "Little Rascals", the pit bull we all loved. It's a shame that they have been brred and mistreated, abused and trained to attack instead of a loving pet.

Their reputation, I'm atraid, will now forever be known as a vicious, killing animal.