Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lake View

Yesterday I had a moist delightful lunch at Bardenay. The patio overlooks the lake at Riverstone Park. The company was good, the food was good and so was the service. It was a perfect summer day. Not too hot with a light breeze. An eagle flew over. The geese were rollicking on the grounds and in the water.

I was amazed when I read in this morning's paper that people think the lake is open for swimming! I found and borrowed a portion of the site map from Riverstone to make my point. I hope they don't mind. Bardenay is the upper of the two building pads shown.

The patio, as I mentioned, overlooks the lake and fountain. I doubt diners would enjoy watching swimmers splashing and shouting in near proximity. I wouldn't. There were no beaches that I could see. No changing facilities. Just a walking trail - and tranquility. Look at the far end of the lake where the amphitheater sits. Who, while trying to enjoy a concert, would like to be distracted by splashing, frolicking swimmers? I wouldn't.

A lake in a park might have been so placed for aesthetics. I suspect such is the case at Riverstone. I hope when the "No Swimming" signs are placed people will respect them. Not so very far down the road sits a wonderful lake complete with beach, changing facilities and life guards. Lake Coeur d'Alene. Enjoy it. Leave Riverstone to we folks who like to sit back with one of Bardenay's adult beverages, some good conversation and peace and quiet.

As for the geese; they come with the territory. Water. They are messy for sure, but not nearly so bothersome if you're not going for a swim!


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, talk about a small world. The other day, I also had a delightful lunch with good company at Bardenay...and I say an eagle as well....and duckies!

Anonymous said...

"saw" and eagle...uhh