Friday, July 27, 2007

Let's Not Lose Sight Of The Issue...

It's not "about" Michael Vick any more than it was "about" O.J. Simpson. It's about what they allegedly did.

Where can a person force a living creature to fight to the death and if it fails wet it down then electrocute it, hang it, drown it or shoot it and face no more than a fine of $5000 and/or six months in jail? No. Not the Spokane police department. Idaho. Along with Wyoming, the only states where dog fighting is not a felony. If this were done to a human being one would be jailed, if not executed, and the key thrown away. Why should it be less for a dog? Or any animal. Remember cock fighting?

Representative Dennis Lake, Republican from Blackfoot, states the current laws are adequate. "You still go to jail and you're still fined. I guess the question is how much of a deterrent do you need?" Just maybe something a bit more painful.

When you consider it was a drug search that started the Vick mess and big time gambling, racketeering and providing a source of revenue for gangs is part of the scenario it makes the "sport" even more egregious. Let's not allow our legislators to give this a pass just because it's a subculture undertaking that occurs well hidden from public scrutiny.

Make it a felony and enforce it! All puppies are cute. They are easy to love. They deserve nothing less. With our protection that's what they'll give in return. Unconditionally.


raymond pert said...

When DFO raised the question about readers' interest in the Vick case on a scale from 1-10, I said 10 for the reasons you outline here.

I really hope that with the publicity this case is getting that not only will Idaho make this crime a felony, but that law officers will be more aggressive in cracking down on dogfighting.

I was going to say dogfighting is medieval, but I decided not to insult the medieval times.

It's very 21st century, too widely practiced, and needs to be publicized and stopped.

Your writing on this subject has been right on the money.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Thank you Mr. Pert. What we do to one another as humans is bad enough; to do it to defenseless animals is beyond any degree of acceptability.

PinkAcorn said...

As a previous owner of a pit bull I know 90% of the dogs personality is how he is trained. I abhor dog fighting, period. It seems equivalent to cock fighting which is still a big problem here in CA (believe it or not!)