Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sunshine Laws

The only thing lacking yesterday was the intense blue sky and bright sunshine that would have made the day absolutely perfect. The temperature was mild, the wind calm, the leaves brilliant. It was near perfect.

My bud, Word Tosser , trying out her new wheels ventured down from Sandpoint for one last outing while the weather was still good. After lunch we decided, on the spur of the moment, to see if the Stickman was around and maybe, finally, get one of his walking sticks. He was and we did. Plus a jar of his Huckleberry jam! Not a bad bonus. Meeting his wife and dog made it even better.

Ah, bloggers. There are indeed some very special people among their ranks around here. Old friends, new friends - even that lucky old sun had poked his nose out by the time the day was winding down. Not a bad Monday. Though Tosser locked her keys in her car just before she was ready to head home I wager even she thought it was a pretty good way to start the week!


Word Tosser said...

And to add insult to injury...read the rest of the story on my blog... but yes it was a perfect day, even with the locked car with keys inside.

Anonymous said...

I had thought I had already left a comment, but when I checked this morning, it was gone. Something strange here. Anyway, I sure enjoyed your visit and I hope you both enjoy your sticks and some of that wonderful Jam. It was a pleasure to meet you and maybe our paths will cross again some day. The Stickman