Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Tall And Short Of It!

Oh my! It is reported in Variety that Meryl Streep is slated to play Julia Child in an upcoming film adapted from the book Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen. Her co-star will be Amy Adams.

Now, the casting here is better than the Paris Hilton as Mother Theresa idea that was floated awhile back. Ms. Streep is most certainly a far better actress. And make up can do wonders - but still...

Back when I worked for a winery in western Washington one of my best friends was the winery's food and wine guru. Often I would get to tag along to her foody events. It is how I got to meet and sometimes even work with the likes of Kathy Casey, Graham Kerr and yes, Julia Child.

This particular event was a reception preceding a book signing. I already had the book but lugged it along anyway hoping Ms. Child would sign it. She did as we had a lovely chat about one of her dearest friends also named Mari. I was really puffed when she told me how pleased she was when someone would ask her to sign an obviously well worn book. "It means they've used it!" I can still hear her delightful chortle.

Name dropping aside, now, I must say Meryl Streep is no Julia Child. Ms. Child was quite a formidable woman standing 6'2" before her sensible heels. I hovered around 5'9" and she towered over me.

Ms. Streep is 5'6" and Ms. Adams a mere 5'3 1/2"! Now I know a lot of actresses are considered "larger than life". Ms. Streep probably falls into that category. And I know the actors and actresses can elevate the "stature" of a film, but in this case I fear they fall way "short"!

Oh, what the heck. Life is usually better than the book and the book is usually better than the movie. Bon Appetit!

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