Sunday, November 11, 2007

Who Should Be Pink?

Last Monday I read an interesting column in the Financial Times, the noticeably salmon pink paper from London. It was by Lucy Kellaway and entitled Time to concede that the battle is lost, going forward. It talked of the over use of the term "going forward".

Imagine my surprise when the headline on Jim Kershner's column read Going forward? Sounds like backward thinking appeared in the Sunday Spokesman Review.

Though Mr. Kershner took a somewhat less intellectual approach by using more local and sports analogies than did Ms. Kellaway, it would appear that he got the notion for the column from the Fi Times. If this is indeed true, there was no mention of it in his column.

It got me to thinking about the recent staff cutbacks at the Spokesman. While the staff here in northern Idaho has been cut to the bone, columnists like Mr. Kershner have been retained. I would prefer it the other way around. News in our neck of the woods is hard to come by. But if a columnist is to get the nod over a reporter, I'd like to think he could come up with his own subject matter.

If I want recycled opinions by non-experts like myself I read the blogs. When I read the paper I expect what I read to belong to the reporter or the columnist who's name is byline.

To offer less is lazy.

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