Thursday, December 06, 2007

To Err Is Human, To Forgive Divine

Wow. I know Bill Clinton is considered the charismatic one of the two, but so much so a former lover has forgiven all to vote for Hillary? Yep. Gennifer Flowers has come forward to say she is considering voting for Mrs. Clinton.

In her defense she does say it's mostly because she wants to see a woman in the White House and Hillary is as experienced as any candidate with the possible exception of Joe Biden, who she feels is "smart, sexy and experienced"! Now there's an endorsement.

Maybe I'm wrong about Hillary losing the women's vote to Obama because of the Oprah influence. As we know, Barbra has endorsed Hillary and now here comes Ms. Flowers.

So what has she been doing since the first Clinton era? For years she ran a cabaret, The Kelsto Club, in a former bordello in New Orleans. Katrina, the hurricane, wrecked her home and her marriage so she moved her operation to Las Vegas.

Always wanting to broaden her life's experiences she is exploring the possibility of a plastic surgery reality show (the mind boggles) and writes an advice column for a community website. Her first article? "The Secret Society of Undercover Button Pushers."

Stop, stop! Hard Hillary is bad enough. Conjuring up an image of an undercover button pusher is taxing my imagination beyond its limits!


Betty said...

I suspect she's wanting some plastic surgery and thinks the show will get her the work for free.

Word Tosser said...

Who was it ..that said...
Truth is stranger than fiction?

You know good comdey writers, can't write stories like this with people like this. boggles the mind