Thursday, January 10, 2008

Comfort Zone

Jeanne Moos did a great video on the campaign" kiss" on CNN tonight. There is a serious side to it and admittedly this is truly a woman's point of view, but to me one measure of a man is how he treats his wife and how she responds to him. It might also be the measure of the candidate.

Watch them with their spouses. The interaction is telling. Just what exactly is for you to decide. McCain virtually ignores his wife. Giuliani's wife is rarely seen. Romney is robotic. Though always part of the scene there is little physical contact between Edwards and Elizabeth, they seem to keep a lid on any spark. Bill and Hillary - I have doubts about the sincerity, but I've never been able to figure out what they have other than political expediency anyway.

The also rans with the exception of Kucinich are pretty bland. He's obviously still enthralled with his spouse. Maybe a little more than tasteful. Twenty something newly weds I can understand - but he isn't twenty something and is a candidate for President.

Public displays of affection should be tempered. Kucinich should know better, especially after the commentary the Gore's lip lock caused a few years back. I do, however, look for a mutual chemistry. A telling glance or an off hand touch.

Chemistry. Comfort with one another paired with affection, admiration and respect - and yes, love. Look at the Obamas. Spontaneous. During the aftermath of a defeat yet!

To me it bodes well. We're not electing robots.

Wow. Looks real to me!


Word Tosser said...

In the 1970's there was the hatching of the Clinton power plan. Fresh out of college, they figured they would find a way for Bill to win the Governorship of Arkansas... he lost, won, lost and won... then for the next step.. President... he won.. twice.. During this.. the mess ups were Bill's affairs. She wasn't angry about them for their marriage. She was mad because it was a mar on their plan. How could she come into her own, riding on his coat tails if he kept screwing up. (no pun intented) that is why she was upset. Then she tried the waters with her senate run, and did ok, so the next step was the final step of the 30+ year old plan... for her to become President. And that is where we are now. Using Bill to help throw her higher and higher. The amazing part is how many people said they hated Clinton for all of his affairs, yet go to see him, and watch as he promotes her. Interesting.... what is the saying.. Politics makes interesting bedfellows?

Sparky said...

I have found that you should never assume that you know about a relationship is like behind closed doors. Several years ago, I met a couple who appeared to be enthralled with each other. Last year, I ran into the wife and found out not only was this not the case at home but her loving husband was in jail for beating the crap out of her. She admitted that in social decisions he was a doll, even reaching for her hand and waiting on her. But at home, he would beat her with a belt or make her kneel for hours for not bringing him a hot cup of coffee. I will admit that I look for the telling signs of caring between these notable couples but now....well you never know.