Saturday, January 05, 2008

Terms Of Engagement

Now that the remaining presidential contenders have all jumped on the "youth" band wagon it would seem an opportune time to explain why I think Obama was so successful with them.

He engaged them! Pure and simple. In his mid forties, he isn't so much a father figure to them as perhaps a man of accomplishment from whom to pattern aspirations. He spoke to them and listened to them. He did not dismiss them. We will be the better for it.

Maturity comes so much sooner these day then when I was growing up. Look at how early kids are engaging in sexual activity. They're given every electronic gadget known to man. They interact more with video games than people. With either phones or plugs in their ears it's a wonder they can communicate without them.

The one thing they don't seem to be given, because their parents seem so driven, is a feeling of self worth. Validation. An invitation to participate in decisions for their own future. So they don't.

Then along came Obama. The pundits are talking of a changing of the guard. I applaud it. It's time. It's great to see the sixty and seventy year olds as full of vigor as they seem to be. 

From a personal point of view, however, I don't find 40 somethings lacking in intellect because they're younger than I am. And they do have experience under their belts.

Remember when we wouldn't trust anyone over 30? If we've learned anything, it should be we can trust someone under fifty.

And remember, too, the campaign is but a sprint. The Presidency is a marathon. Stamina counts.  Inclusion counts.  Even we not so young count.


Betty said...

The young voters seem to be feeling about Obama the way I can remember feeling about JFK and RFK. Hopeful.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Me too and I'm not young. Hopeful.

stebbijo said...

I am just not inclined to vote for someone who prior to Christianity was Muslim and does not put his hand over his heart like most American's during the National Anthem. Yes, I like Oprah but not that much. And, I really like Oprah.

Comparing Obama to Kennedy is ludicrous - only younger people might be inclined to fall into that bullarky. Howver, I do understand that he - being a younger candidate might have more influence over young people and that's scary.

Word Tosser said...

Stebbijo, those emails you have been reading are half truths. One of which has been passed by the Clinton camp and those people have been fired because of it. Like the flag one ..he had not got his hand up quite yet when the picture was taken.
I don't know if he will be a good President or not.. but he does seem to be a good person. There is a Sandpoint gal who Obama went to school with her brother and was over their house often, when they lived in Hawaii. She said he was a considerate person who had a great sense of humor, and always there to help friends.

stebbijo said...

Here is a link to it - the video. Pretty long time with no hand over heart - if this was just a fluke then more than likely we will see him correcting his boo boo in the near future? Granted the singer butchered the song but even when Rosanne sang people still respected the anthem -everyone but Obama here.

Interestingly I actually was talking to a man who attended the straw pole and the caucus in Iowa - ( my job connects me everywhere!)he said the difference was the apparent influence with money. He said it was obvious when they brought out the food. :-) Huckabee is more like a crackers and cheese guy - while Obama and Romney could be for extravagant - shrimp and steak. I think I am going to go with Huckabee. I would rather support the guy that I remember working with than the one who lays me off. :-)