Thursday, February 07, 2008

Doing It Right

83858. Everyone residing within this zip code gets a free copy of The Rathdrum Star every Wednesday. It is a weekly that serves every community within its area well.

I rather like Rathdrum. It is one of the area's true and somewhat obscure small towns. It has no illusions of grandeur. Just a lot of citizens and employees who care. It is dealing with all the problems one would expect. Sometimes ugly politics, growth, resistance to it, managing it smartly. I enjoyed my involvement when former Mayor Tawnda Bromley held the reins. Now it is under the guidance of Vic Holmes, a local business man who has more energy than the "bunny".

I was totally impressed with this man while I was working with the steering committee for the skate park. He knew someone who could help with every aspect and brought them on board. I watched with awe and admiration. He wasn't mayor then.

He is now and he's doing it right. The city put out a press release reminding people to get their cars off the streets to aid in snow removal. They published a plowing schedule.

The paper reported this week that the city answered every call it received - questions and complaints. It told of the jobs above and beyond that city workers were doing. The Lakeland Basketball team and their friends shoveling out area shut ins, the Mayor helping crews move cars that were impeding the plows and keeping in touch with officials helping to pinpoint trouble spots. The Police Chief personally directing traffic at the local high school so the buses could leave safely.

Then too the letter to the editor from the Mayor thanking all the community for their hard work and their patience, explaining what some problems were and encouraging citizens to call city hall with concerns.

Here is a city administration and a paper that know how to work together for the good of the community. They are both in the business of serving the public.

There are far bigger city administrations and papers in the area that could learn a lot from Rathdrum's example.

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