Monday, February 11, 2008

The Republican Strategy?

It took me a long time to decide that Barack Obama would be the candidate I would support should he win the nomination for President. It's not that I agree with all of his policies. I don't. I have been a small government Republican for most of my adult life.

But you know what? The man has a vision and a healthy dose of realism. He knows achieving the goals he has set forth will take time and be difficult. He can lead the Congressional horse to water. Making them drink will take leadership of a different sort; one we haven't experienced in this country for far too long.

I skim headlines from several different sources on a daily basis to see what is happening outside the realm of election politics. Governing by fear still seems to be in vogue. Three from today read Bush orders clampdown on flights to U.S., 'Earth shattering' events worry Chertoff, Pentagon charges September 11 suspects.

We want the death penalty for men who we've admitted torturing. That should make al Qaeda back off!

I expect to see more and more of these types of headlines as we near, and actually get into, the general election campaign. More fear mongering to boost the militaristic candidacy of John McCain. And if McCain should win, it gives credence to the legacy Bush would like to have. Justification that his policies were correct.

It works. There is a nagging knot of fear constantly eating away at me. I try to ignore it, minimalize it, but it is there. It's more than a fear of terrorism. That is the least likely of them. It's how it permeates my life. The constant, uncomfortable edginess from not knowing what this adminstration is likely to do next. How many more personal liberties are we going to lose? When will writing a blog stating these thoughts come back to haunt me? Something so silly as seeing a hit from Washington D.C. with a .gov behind it sending a chill through me. It's there, and it's exhausting. I'm sick and tired of it.

That's why I harbour within what Obama is offering. Hope. Hope that he means what he says, hope that my judgement is sound, that he has the ability I believe he has, hope that he can deliver us from evil - without more war.


Word Tosser said...

It is hard living in these "chick little, the sky is falling" times.
The trouble many have proven not to be what they we one day will have a real crisis and we won't pay attention..

The New Arch Druid's take on the news said...

I know fully what it means to live with the terrorist threat. I served in Germany during the final years of the Cold War and state sponsored terrorism was a weapon of choice against governments, the military and ordinary citizens. Of course there is fear. Because whether these people happened to be anti-Israel Islamic extremists or anti-Western democracies Red, they were deadly. While you had to watch yourself and protect yourself as much as possible, I never saw terrorism being used as an exploitative tool to divide Americans and call at least a percentage of them traitors until the coming of the Bush administration.

McCain can't begin to make GW legitimate any more than Huckabee can. And even though I saw on CNN that GW is still prone to lie about the opposition, will the GOP pay attention to him now that he is low in their polls as well? GW has only months left in office. His successor will face the monumental task of having to clean up behind him.

ThomG said...

Agree or disagree, I've always respected the calm, measured style you've employed. I'm sure that this has not been an easy decision for you.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Actually, Thom, it was easy. Obama has a vision for the country outside his own personal ambition. We, as a country, need that.

The sense of entitlement the other candidates seem to have, regardless of party, is just more of the same. The old "I'm smarter and more able than any of the rest of you" and /or "It's my turn!" mantra just doesn't cut it any more.

If Obama listens to all sides, as he claims, the end result should be legislation we all can live with. After all, that's what it's all about - which (or whose) proposal is best for the country.

Wouldn't that be a refreshing pleasant change of pace!