Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Speaking Of Agendas...

" As a former commenter on the HBO site I couldn't disagree more. What is left on that blog are the few who have teamed together in a constrained conversation that has run off any and all with varying points of view. Any who disagree are sliced and diced with personal attacks because the HBO bloggers cannot argue any intelligent points. The few sad figures who are left, except of course the author of this blog whose quality of thought and writing elevates HBO well beyond its means, take on multiple names and identities to make the blog look busy. Lo, such a downward slide into weightlessness. "

"Yep, I missed out as well. Not that I would not have wanted to touch base with some of the folks there - I just do not feel comfortable in the crowd after all the fall out.

I am still a little ticked off at the way HBO minimized my old site as nothing - even though it was taken over by porn developers and not one word of assurity by the S-R that they would remove the obscene links that were directly connected to me - but throwing responsibility and blame on me instead. Believe me IF that had happened to Christy Wood - they would have scrambled! Still don't know if it all is still there - I never went back to do THEIR work. Then I was paired up with insulting insinuations of some crush I had on another blogger. A sickening infantile attack that did not impress me. When I hold my ground -I get banned while folks make insulting remarks about my mental state. (This is a tactic that is regularly used against anyone that disagrees) They can have it. It is so Idaho and represents the greater portion of this area as it really is - you can't trust it.

Since then, I have lost the gooey- love-HBO feeling with the management of HBO/S-R (go figure)even though some of the single bloggers are super. But then MOST are not - the overwhelming bandwagon of negativity that belittles, humiliates, and disregards valid concerns and opinions drove me away. Just don't need that kind of ammunition pointing at me. So I blurk and find stuff that isn't true that looks like deliberate fodder about past particpates to stir up dust. Without the war - HBO fumbles while dropping the ball with incorrect information to keep it going. It thrives on discord.

HBO appears to me to be the local political equivolent of 'Entertainment Tonight' and when they get a Britney Spears or Elvis - they run them into the dirt. It's a local online tabloid rag. If they ever go to valid online registration - it might be safe enough to reconsider. Even blogspot has OpenID.

So I remain a blurker but not a hypocrite. :-) "
This post may cost me but at the moment I don't really care. The above comments appeared on my post about why HBO works. I have not identified them out of courtesy. It is certainly more than they've shown me.

I don't delete comments on my blog because I realize people don't always agree with me and I feel they have a right to have their say. In this case I take both these comments as a backhanded attack on my integrity because I've chosen to stick with HBO through all its growing pains - and there have been many.

I will admit up front I have often vented my frustration, disappointment, anger and disgust at some of what has happened on HBO. It has, however, been said in private to acquaintances who I felt at the time were trustworthy.

I am not an attack dog.  For heavens' sake - I have a Saint Bernard.  I'm not a Saint either but I do not agree with those who cannot or will not see in themselves much of which they find so distasteful in others.  Sanctimony and self rightousness wears thin. 

Yes, I state my opinion on my blog but I never ever castigate those who disagree.  I do not like name calling nor mean spiritedness.

One of you has your own blog. If you want to take HBO to task for the content and tone of the blog, do so.  But not on my blog.

The other no longer has a blog and no longer participates.  If you want to dwell on what has happened before rather than applaud the inroads that have been made. Do so. But not on my blog. 

I've been with Dave Oliveria and HBO for a good long time now. It's my choice to do so. I've been give opportunities I'd never have thought possible. I've met people I'd have never thought possible. We aren't always in agreement, especially on local issues, but we have a mutual respect which I value.

I have never been attacked by anyone. Why is that? Many of those who attended Blogfest have had battles royal. Yet there they all were and it was fun. A lot of fun. The post was about that celebration and my view of it.

If you want to allow your anger to fester, fine. But I ask you, if the relationship we've had means anything to you - or not, please take it elsewhere. My blog isn't the place for it.


Anonymous said...

That's fine Mari. I think you over reacted but then that happens in a Blog world. My identity is really not much to remain anonymous out of courtesy (I am kind of a nobody anyway) howver, my posts are validated by identity trusts. I do not swear, I do not post porn, I do not deliberately morph people out of spite - sorry I spoke my 2 cents here. I will be sure not to do it again.

So please accept my apology because I certainly did not mean to offend you.

Please remove my posts and commentary if you can - I don't want any more ties to a blog that misinterprets my posts and I won't be back - so you can rest assured that you will get the feedback you want. It's just not worth it.

Phil said...

There was one thing about the BlogFest that impressed me more than any other...

Larry Spencer. He is without a doubt the most ridiculed, scorned, laughed at, criticized individual on HBO in all of its four years. More than AnyMouse, more than Ziggles. Spencer's heard it all.

And yet, he comes to the BlogFest and has friendly conversations with everyone. I have a HUGE amount of respect for Larry after last weekend. He even came up to me to talk about the advertising on my blog.

Larry's actions show me how true it is that you can vehemently disagree with someone on an issue but still be friends.

Just wanted to point out that positive aspect of this community.

ThomG said...

DWM, I've got to say, I really appreciate your take on the make-up of HBO (yesterday's post)and the event that was Blogfest '08. I am guilty of being one of the commenters on HBO known to mock, ridicule and take shots at folks, but I have never aimed my keyboard at an innocent bystander; all of my targets have been full participants in the elbow throwing that sometimes breaks out over there. I'm not saying that absolves me of any guilt- I take full responsibility for my words and behavior- I'm just stating the facts, as I've observed them. As in life, I find that I am treated on the blog with the same amount of courtesy and respect, or lack thereof, that I show others.

And Family Phil makes a great point about Larry Spencer; he and I are about 180 degrees different in our political and social views and have traded body blows over issues, but we also shake hands and share some lighthearted moments, as well. Blogfest has enhanced our ability to do that. A gentleman I know who vehemently disagrees with Larry's views on everything had this to say after observing Larry at the Blogfest," I judge people by whether or not the would help someone in need, Despite his political views, Larry would help me if I needed it."