Monday, March 03, 2008

Clueless Blues

Have you ever watched The Daily Show with Jon Stewart where he shows a politician denying he said something then shows the tape immediately following showing the politician saying it? The thing that always comes to mind is don't they realize video is everywhere? Just look at You Tube!

The point was brough home once again with another of this morning's stories in the Spokesman Review. Video contradicts police version of search in casino parking lot.

The headline is pretty self explanatory. The story goes on to tell how the alleged offender was not read his Miranda rights and other illegalities that took place during the incident.

The story to me however, is the cavalier attitude the offending officer's supervisor had when questioned about the dismissal of the case due to the discrepancies. He wasn't the least bit concerned. "You win some, you lose some," he was quoted as saying. That's comforting.

Eastern Washington's law enforcement entities always seem to be making headlines for questionable, if not criminal, behavior. That's not comforting.

On the other side of the state line we have our own problems with our law enforcement officers, especially our Sheriff's Department. They are understaffed because they are under paid. That they come under criticism is a given. But for nothing nearly as egregious as our neighbors to the west.

I've a had a few minor dealings with the Sheriff's department. Whacked mail boxes, loose dogs, nothing major. I've found the personnel from the dispatchers to the deputies to be as timely as possible, unfailingly polite and helpful.

When Bacchus and I are out for our walk and one cruises by I wave. It is always returned. I'd like to keep our guys around. Hear that all you who would run for County Commissioner?

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