Saturday, March 01, 2008

More Like A Sponge Than Spring

"Spring is really here! Spring is really here!" I went running through the house this morning shouting at the top of my lungs. Hub was about to have me committed.

We have different signs of spring out here on the prairie than they do in town. The Robins have been there for a few weeks now. We spotted our first just yesterday. But more than that, here on the prairie it's the Kildeer! And I spotted the first this morning in the fringe of grass along the drive where the snow had melted back.

I thought wow, they're really this year but I went back through my photos and found the first sighting last year was on March 7. Their clock is right on. It's the snow that has mine out of sync!

Awhile later I was gazing at the slowly appearing pond in the backyard and saw many more signs even though in most places the snow is still up to Bacchus' ears. The Hunnies (Hungarian Partridges) are pairing off. The Magpies are back. Last year I had a real battle with them. I was in NIMBY mode. This year I think I'm going to just let them nest where they want and let nature take its course.

Next thing you know the bulbs will be peeking through the soil and I'll be stepping gingerly looking for those ground nests.

I'm ready.

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