Thursday, March 06, 2008

Score One For The College Kids!

I have a young friend whose spouse is an instructor at NIC. When we have a chance to visit I'm filled in on all the intrigue and like any organization there is plenty to go around. Just like the city in which it resides, Coeur d'Alene, it's city government and its urban renewal agency.

Like the city, the college has a newspaper. It is called Week'sWorth. Leave it to a smart staff and a savvy administrator to come up a way to quell rumors and misinformation. It seems said administrator wants to improve communication by creating a column called "Rumor of the Month". She would invite submissions, choose one and respond to it on a monthly basis.

Ah, college. Where one goes to learn. Is the City and LCDC paying any attention to this? Are the local papers? The Coeur d'Alene Press gave space to a former member of the planning commission to spell out her concerns. Where the effort fell short was that it was an opinion piece only. No accommodation for response or rebuttal. That format could change. Even the time frame. One week someone from the city could step up to the plate and spell out the city's side of a question or misconception. The next week someone from LCDC could do the same.

What a public service that would be. What an opening of communication! Why didn't any of the warring factions or the papers come up with such an idea? Any takers?

If not, perhaps the Week'sWorth would like to have a crack at it. I'd subscribe!

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Anonymous said...

Righteo! As the old saying goes, "when pigs fly". CU