Sunday, March 02, 2008

This Is NOT "Change"!

You've got to love it! Or maybe not. When all else fails - like a campaign focusing on change, bring out the tried and true from the past eight years. The campaign of fear!

I'm afraid. Very afraid that young mothers are going to buy into it. The "experienced" person picking up the dreaded red phone in the middle of the night. I rather enjoy the picture of Hillary dressed to the nines, studiously (note the glasses) working in presumably the oval office at three in the morning. Maybe that's Bush's problem. It is said he's in bed most nights by nine!

Note to Hillary. This is not "change". This is fear mongering. We've been living with it since September 11, 2001. I wish you had stayed above it. If you do pull out the nomination I fear that the campaign between you and John McCain will be no more than that. Fear. The fear of what either of your administrations might bring. The fear that we may never get another shot at hope and change.

Your experience at handling a crisis is just as non-existence as Obama's. You admitted, after having visited the war wounded that the hits you've endured are nothing compared to what so many of we Americans deal with on a daily basis.

Crisis management experience really should be a bit more substantial than dealing with your husband's philandering. Please.

It's enough worrying about whether that phone will actually ring. I should like to believe any of the three major candidates has the judgement to handle it. What I fear is that I may be mistaken.


Anonymous said...

In the "I wish I'd said that" catagory, a pundit recently stated (regarding this commercial) given Hillarys rational that somehow being "first Lady" (and I use the term lady very loosely indeed..CU) makes her experienced in dealing with a national crisis, then Eleanor Roosevelt would have made a tremendous CIC.

Camellia Underhill

Anonymous said...
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Word Tosser said...

Also the phone is not red, but white, so she could be calling to find Bill at 3am.
sorry, to make a joke, but that is the ad.
None of our President's if they had answered the phone, were alone. They have advisors. Kennedy had his during the Cuban ordeal, Roosevelt had his, and so will the next President. So it is kind of ironic that she thinks the President does it all.