Friday, March 07, 2008

ZAP! Oops!

Sometimes I realize I live in a vacuum. I don't really mind. It's safer here.

I caught a tidbit on the noon news that "shocked" me to say the least. Idaho lawmakers are pushing two measures to restrict civilian use of stun guns. Wow! I didn't know civilians were even allowed to own one! Yep. They can. A taser can be purchesed for as little as $25! Now that's scary. It's bad enough you take your life in your hands when venturing across the state line to Spokane where it's well know the police with tasers are trigger happy, considerably less than accurate and indiscriminate in their use. Now I have to worry what the little old lady (not me) coming down the walk may have in her purse!

Okay. They want to require a carry permit. That means you don't need one now! Okay, they want to to outlaw the sale of them to minors. That means a minor can now own one!

The requirements to acquire a carry permit include instruction in use of the weapon. So far it only applies to guns. Where do you go to find an instructor well versed in the use of a taser? A police officer? Hmmm. Maybe not.

According to an article in the Idaho Statesman,ID lawmakers consider restrictions on stun guns there are more than 270 cases where individuals have died from being hit by police tasers! Some public saftey officials are even considering banning the use of them. Seven states ban citizens from owning them. Of course Idaho would not be one of them!

A couple of states allow "limited poseession" of them, whatever that means!

So here we are back in Idaho where one of the bill's supporters says "I would much rather have my wife carry a Taser than a firearm..." I have to wonder...what are they thinking?!

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Betty said...

I'm almost ashamed to admit that I have dreamed of owning a taser (with a mild shock, of course) for use at Wal-Mart. Almost.