Friday, April 11, 2008

Dog Eared

This is one chagrined puppy with hot compresses on his ear.

This is the drain and drainage from his hematoma.  Yuck!

It's over though.  A happy Friday for a change! Hub took him to the vet this morning; no more drainage so out it came.  I'm happy and believe me,  Bacchus is happy!

One last thought about the dogs down the street. It seems it has come to a bittersweet conclusion. No, I did not have to use the pepper spray. The people finally put in an enclosed run.

Yesterday the lady of the house stopped Bacchus and me as we were on our way home and apologized profusely for the trouble. She had not seen how aggressive her dogs had been until the incident I mentioned last Friday - when one more time they had come out and she called them back, admonishing them.

One never knows the dynamics that go on behind closed doors but apparently the disagreements about the free roaming dogs got a bit contentious. I'm sorry that had to happen.

The end result was the least aggressive dog was given away because the owner refused to pen her. The pup that was the aggressor is now penned and alone - without his buddy. Both are without their buddies.

Yes. Bacchus and I can now walk past the property without a knot in our stomachs wondering where they might appear from and when. I take little joy in it. For the price of one of his collector cars the owner could have fenced off a couple of acres for the dogs - like the rest of us in the neighborhood have done. We all have five acre lots! It is not for me to figure out the reasoning behind the actions.

I'm sorry for the dogs. I appreciate the fact the lady of the house had the graciousness to talk with me. I know it couldn't have been an easy thing for her to do. On the bright side, if one is to be found, all the dogs are now safe. One in a new home, one who won't get hit by a car speeding down the road - and they do speed, and one who won't get into a tussle where no one would win.

It has been a long and frustrating ordeal. I hope it is truly over and done with. If it is a victory, it is not sweet.


spotts said...

That must have been a horrible. I hope your dog OK

Dogwalkmusings said...

Thanks, spotts. He's doing just fine.