Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Great American Melting Pot Still Has Lumps

The thought has occurred to me, during this primary season, that Obama's inability to "close the deal" has more to do with latent racism than ability or policy issues. I've been wondering why Hillary, a woman with supposedly huge negatives, does so well and the more negative she gets the better she does.

Two questions have been nagging at me. One, why is the white middle class male so anti Obama and two, why are they voting for Hillary? I wondered, all else being equal, if Obama had inherited his mother's "white" features, rather than his father's "black" ones if he would still be having the problem. I think probably not. But why?

I couldn't quite put in in the context I wanted so I asked Hub his opinion, being white and male and of the age. "Affirmative action," he said, "or in the terminology of today, diversity."

Aha! Think about just our generation. How many white middle class males didn't get jobs or promotions, not because of ability, but because those jobs and promotions went to minorities, including women? Don't tell me those people weren't "bitter". And yes, it still goes on in the work place today. And yes, it did happen to him. And yes, he is for Obama, but latent or otherwise there is a deep seeded resentment among many who were effected.

"Then why a woman?" I asked.

"There is a good possibility"' he says, "that if they knock Obama out of the race and Hillary prevails, they won't vote for her either. They either will not vote or they'll turn to McCain. Why? He's a white male."

Call it what you will. Affirmative action or diversity. The sanctioned pitting of races against one another. It's racism to me. If a good man is defeated because of it, trust me, you'll see "bitter".

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