Monday, April 28, 2008

The "Wright" Way

He's quick, his biblical knowledge is incredible, he's sometimes glib, sometimes funny and sometimes maybe just a bit angry. He's been all over television the past several days.

One hesitates to use the word "angry" or "bitter" but one or the other applies to how the Reverend Wright feels about how he and "liberation theology" have been portrayed by the media. He's also not too keen about how he perceives the government treating his people. He has every right to speak his piece. That's what America is all about. But with friends like this who needs enemies?

The media brought it to the fore, to be sure. Hillary and Bill and now even McCain have picked it up and are running full tilt with it. Why is it no one is listening to Obama? Is it because the media have now decided the nomination should be Hillary's?

I'm beginning to think so. Dirt sells. Scandal sells. Truth and reason are inconveniences that are to be ignored. By the media. I am so tired of the one dimensional talking heads trying to convince us how to think, their prejudices barely concealed as analysis.

The very people who urged Obama to run this cycle, because in another four or eight years he would have gathered too much baggage, seem to have done a complete about face. What baggage he didn't have they've created for him. Why is it every suggestion from his past is turned into a full blown accusation of naivety, elitism or out and out wrong doing while known issues with Clinton and McCain get a pass?

Today's polls indicate Hillary is beginning to pull ahead in Indiana and North Carolina. Are the new voters and the young going to be enough to pull Obama through or are hypocritical older voters going to turn the tide for Clinton or McCain?

Why do I say hypocritical? Because we say we want change but deep down in we're afraid of it. We're afraid to take a leap of faith. We say we're not racist. Is that true? We say Obama doesn't understand the common man. Do you really believe that? He was the one who rolled up his sleeves and worked with the people of the inner city. Hillary was the one who took the cushy jobs with high profile law firms and hitched her wagon to Bill Clinton's star. McCain is the one against an updated version of the GI bill because it might dissuade some to remain in the military. What kind of thinking is that?

With Wright denouncing everything governmental and Al Sharpton out there threatening to shut down New York City after an obvious miscarriage of justice, the African American community is once more making us feel uncomfortable.

If only we would keep in mind that Obama is also half white. The white side raised him with an insight into both. If ever we needed that it would seem to be now. If ever we needed someone to address it, it would seem to be now. If ever we didn't need someone to use it to tear down a person who just might be the unifying force this country so sorely needs, it would seem to be now.

Are we to be our own worst enemy because we fear those who preach it? Are we going to settle for the status quo because we haven't the courage to change it?

Do we want to live with the end result? Don't let the media make the decision for you.


The New Arch Druid's take on the news said...

I am going to do another piece on Lou Dobbs, you can check it out at your leisure.

Word Tosser said...

What if they gave an election...
and no one came?

The dirty politic have started. And has there ever been a party member that takes the side of the other party against their own party candidate? This is where they start eating their own, and I am sad to see this... but if the voters don't stand up for what they SAY they want... then, I guess the past year has been for not.

Anonymous said...

I fear for Rev. Wright's sanity and I worry about any so-called minister of the gospel who uses the F--- word to
discuss adultery and other "language
of the main stream" as he calls it.

American politics are beyond belief.
Check out this story about Hilary's
Methodist pastor's defense of Wright.

Donna in AR

Dogwalkmusings said...

I'd say Wright's performance at the Press Club blows Hillary's pastor's theory right out of the water, wouldn't you? Thanks for passing it along!