Friday, May 09, 2008

Amazing (Lack Of) Grace

We've seen them all haven't we? The many faces of Hillary. Anger, deception, arrogant, teary, determined, defiant, whiny, triumphant, you name it. The one she is displaying now, however, I think is the least attractive and most frightening. Stubborn desperation.

I can only conclude that what I've long thought and often said is true. She is not running for President because she wants to better the country for us. It's all about Hillary.

I'm annoyed with the talking heads who insist she has the "right" to stay in the race until the last vote is counted. That it gives her time to come to grips with reality. Bunk. If it takes that long to come with grips with reality it's a good reason not to have her in the White House! We have a President who has refused to look reality in the face what's more come to grips with it. We have a candidate following in his footsteps. Don't we deserve a candidate that offers a change of pace?

They say if she continues on much as Mike Huckabee did there's no harm done. That doesn't seem to be the case. In bolstering her own "electability" she continues to take jabs at Obama's credibility. Why? She has threatened federal law suits over the seating of Michigan and Florida delegates. Why? She has continually tried to change the rule as she goes along. Why? Does she really believe she'd be so much better than Obama or is it because she's losing? Because it was meant to be hers?

The face I'd really like to see now is regretful acceptance of reality. And grace. I've seen neither nor do I expect to. There will no doubt be some type of self-serving "deal".

With all my distaste for the woman, I still feel a twinge as I find myself watching a strong, well educated, able woman self-destruct before my eyes. She's becoming a caricature of herself. She could be so much more if she could get outside of herself.

The last thing Hillary would want from someone like myself is for me to feel sorry for her. So I won't. Her choices on how she's chosen to pursue her ambitions have lead to her coming up short. All for the sake of power. At this point I doubt she'll ever be all that she could have been. For that, I am sorry.


Word Tosser said...

And that is just the reason why woman are saying...
Woman President...YES

Anonymous said...

I can find no compassion whatsoever for ths woman. And, no doubt, she doesn't give a rodents posterior what I, or anybody else, may think. She will probably win at least one primary next week. And we will be treated to an exultant Hillary stating that the public has spoken and given new impetus to her campaign. Unless pressured by the party powers that be, she will still be in there in August at the convention.

You are generous as to "all that she could have been". She has already reached that point. Self indulgent, egotistic, integrity challenged, character challenged, narcissistic, rude and simply an unpleasant woman. What is really sad, is that this very intelligent (although not as smart as she believes) woman really could have been successful with a different personality. Humility also begins with an H....But humility has escaped her and she is the worse for it. CU