Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Flag Pins And Patriots

The talking heads were at it again last night. It would seem Obama was making a speech to a veterans' group and there on his lapel, as obvious as it could be, was an American Flag lapel pin. Was he pandering to the veterans? Has he finally seen the light? Now. Can we put that topic to rest?

No. Rather than digging into his ideas about how he plans to extricate us from the war, or the points of his health care plan versus Hillary's or what he will do in reality about gas and food prices, all they could talk about was that he was wearing a flag pin. Never mind that neither McCain nor Hillary sport one; it seems to be huge issue with Obama.

So let's look at just what a patriot is.
patriot |ˈpātrēət|
1 a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.

By that criteria one would have to look at both Clinton and McCain. Is it a show of patriotism to knowingly and deliberately tear down a fellow candidate for the sake of winning? Is that vigorous support of country or self?

Is it patriotic to ignore corruption at the highest levels of Iraqi politics because it might prove embarrassing as reported in an AP article in this morning's Spokesman Review ?

This story got barely a mention on the news compared to the non-stop discussion of Obama's lapel pin. It is an important story, a not unexpected story and a disturbing story; especially now that there is a groundswell to get Rice on the McCain ticket to balance what presumptive candidate Obama may do.

Come on, talking heads, get with the program. You remind me of a bunch of high school gossips wondering "does she or doesn't she"?

We have huge issues facing us. We deserve better from those who's job it is to inform us. Tonight is the West Virginia primary. The win is expected to go to Hillary. What we'll hear is how wining this small, poor and mostly under informed segment of the population should propel her to the nomination.

What we should hear is why. What we should hear is why this particular demographic should outweigh everyone else who has and has yet to vote. What we should hear is why she appeals to this demographic and he does not since there is so little difference in their policies. If it's a race issue let's hear it. Front and center.

But we won't. We'll hear about her debt to herself. We'll hear how she deserves to wait to exit in her own good time. All that stuff of substance we really need to know.

Patriotism. All in good time.

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Betty said...

On one of his campaign stops, a veteran gave Obama a flag pin and asked him to wear it. Obama promised he would wear it whenever he spoke to veterans' groups. This was reported by the national media, but they seem to have forgotten it in their zeal to sensationalize everything that comes up.