Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hawk Eyed

We have so many wonderful photographers in this area I don't even think about trying to compete with them.

This morning, however, Hub spotted this little guy while checking to see where Bacchus and I were on our walk. He was still there ten minutes later when we got home.

It seemed appropriate to me, this Memorial Day weekend, to limit "hawkishness" to the thrill of being able to get a picture of a baby just sitting and watching the world go by.

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Anonymous said...

All babies are cute, aren't they. When we were in Old Manchester,VT, we flew hawks and falcons. That huge critter just sat on my gauntlet staring at me. I really believe he was judging how my nose might taste. When I flew him, I put a peice of raw meat on the gauntlet and he swooped down and took the meat...quite gently actually. Then returned to sitting on my hand. An amazing experience. CU