Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Beer Test

Ah, walking the dog. It makes my mind wander in mysterious directions. Today I was reflecting on Doonesbury . BD is having a beer with Toggle's Mom and they're reflecting on what it would be like having a beer with George Bush. Remember that was a hot button issue on the likability scale?

Toggle's Mom concluded that it might be better to have a President who is competent rather than beer worthy. Amen to that.

Now, we know Obama drinks beer. McCain has probably tipped a few himself. I, personally, don't care to have a beer with either of them to help me decide who should be President.

I decided to consider the "worthy" scale and came up with a thought on why Obama may be a better choice. He graduated first in his class from Harvard Law. McCain graduated 894th out of a class of 899. Obama did not get into Harvard on the strength of his father's and grandfather's credentials. Did McCain get into Annapolis because of his father and grandfather being Admirals?

I thought about McCain's record after his military service. He went into politics and has been there ever since. That gives him a skewed vision or reality, that's for sure. Nothing inside the Beltway comes close to resembling it.

Obama, at least for awhile, worked outside of government.

I thought too about how much it is lamented that the best and the brightest no longer choose to engage in public service. Forget that the money isn't all that good though between salary and perks it's much better than some of our public servants could ever earn in the private sector. No. It's about the scruitny we put them and their families through over the most trivial, non-essential things.

So maybe it is time for a man of color to rise to the top. They haven't had that many opportunities and those that have are the best and the brightest of their community. We're seeing more and more of them being interviewed now that Obama has opened the door. They come from all aspects of life. It's their time and they're presenting a perspective on America we should all listen to. For Obama to have gotten to where he is today, he is the cream of the crop and so is his wife and so many more.

He has the drive, the enthusiasm, the intellect and the insight to understand our wants and needs far better than anyone I could share a beer with. That's what I'd like in our next President.

It's hot today. I'm going to head to the fridge and see if there might be a cold brew waiting. Then I'm going to sit down with my dog and Hub. Neither one would be a good President - but they're great to have a beer with.

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