Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Perfect Get-a-way!

It started with Gospel. It ended with Gospel. In between, the grounds at the Ste. Michelle Winery in Woodinville, WA never stopped rocking with absolutely great Lovett!

Hub and I have long been Lyle Lovett fans. His lyrics are often as quirky as he appears and the beat is infectious. When we spotted the ad for his concert we agreed, "We can do that!"

My how Woodinville has changed since I worked for the winery across the street! It has truly grown up. We stayed at the Willows, a short walk from the venue. How could you not fall in love with an Inn that has a house dog the same age as Bacchus, pet's are welcome and even has "dine with your dog" evenings! We knew it was going to be a great night.

We should have eaten before because the vendors at the winery didn't serve lap compatible fare nor the type of food you'd pair with the wine you can purchase, but we made do. That part got the crowd into the mood and by the time Lovett took the stage with his Large Band everyone was into it. Three hours and a stray hot air balloon fly by and it was over.

This morning we headed to the Maltby Cafe, our favorite breakfast place of all time. Three native Montana gals started it back when we still lived there and it has never lost its popularity nor it's penchant for high cholesterol meals. Montanans understand stick to the rib ( and artries) breakfasts.

Some shopping in Bellevue, a look around the Bellevue Art Museum's Art Festival and it was time to hit the road for home. It was short and oh so sweet. We really do need to get out more! And if we head back to the Willows, Bacchus will be able to join us. Though sometimes, just sometimes, it's nice to get away from the kids.


Phil said...

Isn't that the best place to see a concert? We were just there last week for Ringo Starr.

I loved the relaxed atmosphere, and would gladly take the kids again some other time.

We saw Lyle Lovett waaaay back in the 90's in Boise. I remember he had just married Julia Roberts.

Casey Klahn said...

When we got married, my wife & I lived at the DeLille Winery (while it was being remodeled). It was a short walk to the CSM Winery and we saw Tony Bennett, then Natalie Cole, and a guitarist whose name slips my mind.

I was in the BAM fair, but you probably missed me among the 700 plus art booths in Bellevue that weekend!