Sunday, August 31, 2008

After The Hype Remember al-Maliki And Friends

I was watching Meet the Press this morning and was reminded what a wonderful wit John McCain has. Back when asked by Kerry to consider joining the ticket he declined, saying "The vice president’s only real job is to inquire daily about the health of the president.”

Granted, his opinion may have changed, but it does give me pause. But then I never appreciated his "humor" in the first place.

This attitude is not all bad though. It gives me a certain comfort zone knowing he is not likely to give Ms. Palin anywhere near the power Bush has allowed Cheney.

It's her lack of foreign policy experience you see. Because these guys in the picture are still looming regardless of how little time the press is giving them at the moment. The administration has finally come to the point where negotiations for our withdrawal from Iraq have become a reality. The stumbling block, as one would expect, are the terms. Iraq wants a firm timeline, a la Obama. The administration does not, a la McCain. Iraq wants to call the shots and al-Maliki is flexing his muscles one more time. He has replaced his former negotiating team, since they couldn't seem to get past the deadlock, and replaced them with three of his closest aides who are more likely to get his bidding done.

It never ceases to amaze me that the American voter gets so hung up on who they'd most like to have a beer with and who is most like themselves rather than questioning who would best surround himself with people strong enough and wise enough to handle such negotiations without further jeopardizing our country's well being. Why aren't we looking at people who have good educational credentials, a proven record of good judgement; not necessarily in politics but in life?

Celebrity politicians do not serve us well. McCain complained about Obama being little more than a Britney or Paris yet most of what I saw yesterday on the Palin introductory tour was her signing autographs - like a Britney or a Paris. Hello?

Sometimes I dispare that we who have lived through so many administrations cannot get our voice heard; or worse, that it's not listened to. Why is that? Because we are old? I'm fortunate to have a cadre of like minded seniors who read and comment to one another on a regular basis. They are mostly ladies and a few really great guys. It's my comfort zone because I don't feel quite so alone in my thinking.

But our preaching to the choir of which we are all members is not enough. Our voices should be heard and listened to. We've seen and lived through an awful lot. We know the red flags when we see them and we know the consequences when they are not heeded. We are living through just such a stage at this very moment.

So when a collective group of John McCain's peers, age wise, are leery of him as President, take heed. He is quite likely to have Joe Lieberman as either Secretary of State or Defense. Why? Because of their friendship. He couldn't have Lieberman as Vice President and Lieberman wants it.

Consider this. Is it prudent to have a Jewish Secretary of State or Defense with the turmoil we are facing and will continue to face in the middle east?

Temperament is another issue. This is all about judgement.


Sylvia K said...

What a terrific post! And, of course, you know I agree with every word. What is it that people can't see about the danger of electing a John McCain? Well, keep on punching and I'll do the same.

Anonymous said...

Well said!

I often blame the media for our woes but I was heartened today when I saw both George Stephanopoulos and Tom Brokow ask tough, pointed questions of Lindsey Graham and Tim Pawlenty. And neither George nor Tom let either of them get away with fluffy answers, something I've seen over and over again with the Bush Administration.

I remain steadfastly hopeful!!

Dogwalkmusings said...

I also liked the way Stephanopolis held Cindy McCain's feet to the fire. I thought her answers rather vapid.

Linda Hillin said...

A very good post. I still cannot believe McCain has done this. She has no military experience and we know you're nobody in his eyes if you don't have that. His other fetish in life seems to be young women. He seems to enjoy being the father figure to the cheerleader types. He married one and now he's brought Palin on board. Really puzzling. As the hours go by the press seems to get worse on her. I'm pleased Obama and Biden have chosen to hands off this one. The quieter they are the better. Hopefully this decision will implode on its own.