Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Global Warming

There was a great column in this morning's Spokesman Review telling of happenings attributed to Global Warming. Everything from Bulgarian brothel owners losing staff to ski areas where patrons need other activities due to the lack of snow to an increase in anxiety in people already affected and outbreaks of the bubonic plague.

Who the heck does these studies? Lots of folks it would seem. The article sent me to this website at which I was able to further educate myself. I am a Doubting Thomas when it comes to this subject because of the number of opposing views, the cyclical nature of earth's climate and pronunciations of "fact" by the Al Gore's of the world versus what actual scientists who study climate have to say.

That being said, the following topics are to be found on this site. A change in body temperature may cause an increase of severe acne.

Melting Siberian peat bogs could release millions of tone of methane into the atmosphere. And we've been worried about cows!

Our brains may shrink. Most people will die, those remaining will become cannibals.

The cat population will explode due to an extended breeding season.

Hibernation ends too soon. Hibernation ends too late.

Ice sheet growth. Ice sheet shrinkage.

Sheep will shrink. Short nosed dogs will be endangered.

Killer cornflakes will cause mass hallucinations, manic depression, gangrene, abortions, reduced fertility and painful convulsive death. Actually this one sounds like the warning label on some of my medications. I haven't looked for a warning label on a cereal box yet.

For those of us who might survive there will be vampire moths that will feast on human blood.

Whew! Who knew? For each and every topic I have mentioned there is a link to an article so stating the applicable study.

Someone is missing something here. I'm not sure if it's me for having taken the time to look at this, or the people who compiled these and many, many more links or the people who did the "studies" and made the assumptions talked about!

It's hot today. Really hot. But I don't think my brain has shrunk. In fact I think it has so enlarged it's likely to explode!

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Word Tosser said...

Wow!! I better watch my Kelloggs big K cereal.... I eat each morning with my blueberries. So I don't get dementia.. Looks like I have more to worry about than that!!

My daughter just got back from an Alaskan cruise ship. They show them an iceberg that is 75 miles long and 30 feet high, that is growing all the time, even though pieces are falling off it daily. Hummmmmmmmm