Friday, September 05, 2008

Beyond The Rhetoric

It was a well practiced speech and went fairly well for John McCain. There was one line, however, that stirred up so much disgust I walked out of the room. In touting his experiences as a prisoner of war, where he had admitted to being a hot shot prior to being captured but had changed into a better man because of it, he said, "I was never the same again. I wasn't my own man anymore. I was my country's."

How quickly one forgets. The picture is of his wife at the time, Carol, as she looked after her accident. Note the crutch? He had cheated on her, dumped her and married Cindy a month afterwards after she had waited all those years of his captivity no doubt praying for his well being and eventual release. This, to me is the height of self-indulgence that is indicative of his maverick persona. I don't find him a man of conviction nor one of character no matter how much he suffered as a prisoner. If anyone should have been empathetic to suffering, regarding Carol, you'd think it would have been John. That was apparently not the case. How one conducts personal relationships is reflective of character. I find John McCain lacking.

As for Ms. Palin, there is so much on the Internet debunking the rose colored image we have been provided, I don't have anything more to add. One thing, however, when it is said that if a man with five children had been the nominee, nothing would have been made of it. That is a totally ridiculous premise and those touting it should be ashamed.

The only men with five children who have a right to defend or deny that premise are stay at home dad's who have taken on the child rearing responsibilities. Family Phil , care to comment?

Now the campaigns will move forward. All I ask from here on out is quit insulting my intelligence.


Sylvia K said...

Right on as always! John McCain is SO lacking in so many ways. If you haven't, check out that video of the McCain's fellow prisoner of war. He tells a somewhat different story!

Margie's Musings said...

Definitely!! I wouldn't vote for him after that is he were the only man running. And, can you believe it? His ex-wife still loves and suports him!

Word Tosser said...

And if I hear anymore about his p.o.w. days I will puke.
I am tired of getting hit over the head with it. He did it in the first part of his speech and then followed up at the end with it.
THAT WAS 34 YEARS AGO!! What have you done recently John? And what about the Keegan 5 or what ever it was called. he was found innocent, but tarished.
I still want to hear about economy, health care, and not that he is give us $5000 so we can buy our own. And if your employer pays, you have to pay taxes on that like an income. No, I want nothing to do with whole mess.

Phil said...

Yes, I do have something to say about this, but have found that it does not play well to my blog readers. I brought politics up once, and have been deleting nasty comments ever since. I guess my blog is not destined to become controversial.

So, what do I think about the whole family deal?

All I know is that somebody should be home with the kids. If she wants a career, great! Todd Palin absolutely does not have to earn an income. And yet he does. He doesn't just work a regular job, but ALSO goes out on a fishing boat for months at a time. PLUS, he trains for his snowmobile racing.

I don't understand why they have children if neither one of them feels like raising them.

If Todd were at home full-time, I wouldn't have any problem with Sarah's ambition. Or vice versa.

I hate seeing them held up as the ideal family. Very little about them strikes me that way.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I fear our intelligence will be insulted many, many more times before Nov. 4th.

It seems the latest is that the McCain campaign sent out a false story claiming Obama threw away thousands of flags after the DNC, which were recovered by the McCain campaign and distributed in Colorado Springs today.

Apparently the flags were new, not used, and were stolen from Invesco Field.

Now, that's change we can all believe in, right?

Dogwalkmusings said...
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